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Each item included was selected w/ thought & care. I myself had moved 18 times in 20 yrs. Given their own judgment, people may not feel they need an item, but I'd be willing to bet it gets used. Even shower curtain rings- could be used to kid or pet proof cabinet doors or situated on a door, keep it from closing tightly, just ajar.

I gave a few dorm boxes away to nieces and nephews, and for a niece moving to California, included several reusable bags, figuring she might not consider Ca. doesn't allow plastic bags anymore. For all of them, tucked in a plate, paring knife and small cutting board and some treats suggested by their folks.

-Here is a comprehensive list of the goodies in each box:

-The dorm box comes with a 20 pocket hanging shoe caddy, with a pack of hangers and a hanging laundry back (when floor and drawer space are at a premium). In the pockets are some dishwashing detergent, a kitchen wash cloth, a pocket pack of tissues, a stain touch-up pen, first aid kit,sewing kit, safety pins, a deck of playing cards and sharpie marker, a surge protected power strip, some cord ties, a flashlight, a 6 head screwdriver, coffee mug, plastic eating utensils, a stapler and a slip wrench. I imagine there are other things could add on, but I will not include a hammer, as most colleges frown on their presence.

-The moving box has: paper towels, toilet paper, a shower curtain and rings, some plastic bags, 2 mugs, instant coffee (4), creamer (4), sugar packets (4), 2 bottles of juice, 2 toothbrushes, some toothpaste, body wash, first aid kit, some pain reliever, small flashlight, some dish soap, paper plates, 2 food-safe containers, and 2 sets of plastic utensils (knife, fork, spoon, salt, pepper and napkins).

Add ons would include options for tea (green), hot chocolate, instant oatmeal and bowl, powdered milk, and something like a soy, rice or coconut milk, that doesn't require refrigeration. There's also an add on for a dog with 8 oz of dry dog food, or 1 can, 5 medium sized treats, a small chew toy and a water bowl. Actually, it all comes packed in a domes container like you get with a rotisserie chicken, and the base is the water bowl. The cat package includes 4 oz of dry food, or 1 can wet, 1 mouse and some string, 2 small bowls for food and water and 12 oz of litter. Again, all packed in a domed container, and the base becomes the litter box.